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hoe to delete the old not using profile in the OS


Please, when I create new profiles and I set up a name, then I would like to delete those profile which was for testing purposes. As I create other profile, the "list" of profile begins to grow up. Is there any way to delete a general profile which includes sub-profiles?

Thank you very much


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how to delete de old SSIDs

With the last message I wrote I did mean about how to delete the old SSID profiles that you are not going to use any more.

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SSID profiles

If you are using ArubaOS 3.4.x and above and you used the WLAN Wizard, there is an option to delete any SSID that you created using the Wizard, within the wizard. Otherwise, you can use Configuration > All Profiles (all the way to the lower left) to find an delete any profiles that you don't want.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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