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Innovations in Smart Spaces and Operational Technologies with Indoor Location Services and IoT

When installed with care, with secure connectivity and compute power at the edge, the Internet of Things enable new operational technologies and deliver significant business benefits. Indoor location services and real time asset tracking are key new applications that improve productivity, engagement and operations in smart spaces with the arrival of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Join us in this track to learn how you can sharpen your skills to support next generation of IT infrastructure requirements with digital workplaces, public facing enterprises and industrial environments.


Topics include:

  • Use IoT location-based services to create economic value
  • Maximizing customer, fan and patient experience in public facing enterprises
  • Deploying and managing Aruba Beacons for mobile engagement
  • Enabling mobile app developers with HPE Aruba Meridian SDK for indoor location services


Sessions: Content coming after the event

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