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Aruba 8320 and ArubaOS-CX - Experience

Hi all, we start to deploy some 8320 to our customers. The were shipped with OS-CX v10.000013. We are waiting for OS-CX v10.1. Has any deployed them yet? How were your experiences? After i quick look, i missed port speed and dupley/autoneg commands... Thanks and BRs André
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Re: Aruba 8320 and ArubaOS-CX - Experience

AFAIK ArubaOS-CX 10.1 is expected to be released this/next week (documents reported "Mid July") so it shouldn't be officially available yet to Aruba 8320/8400 customers.

Would be interesting to enter into the ArubaOS-CX world (coming from usual ArubaOS-Switch)...let we see if we are going to be lucky enough!

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Re: Aruba 8320 and ArubaOS-CX - Experience

Hi Vestra and Panassus,

Yes, 10.01 is coming soon for the 8400 and 8320 platforms. We are in the final testing phase. It is looking good. Watch out especially for the new VSX feature.

Regards, Ruben.-



Ruben Iglesias
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Re: Aruba 8320 and ArubaOS-CX - Experience

Hello Ruben! that's great, thanks to @vincent.giles, he created the opportunity for us to be in touch with HPE Italy through our VAR to discuss about a possible VSX deployment with two Aruba 8320 and we're going to have a Web Conference late this week that will be held by with Jordi Garcia, Pre-Sales executive South Europe (scenario was briefly discussed here).

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Re: Aruba 8320 and ArubaOS-CX - Experience

Thanks for all comments! 

I really hope that 10.1 with VSX arrives soon...


Today, i installed 2x 8320 at a customer.

Unfortunately one of the first steps failed: I configured a default gateway on the vrf management and this didn`t work. Same effect on both 8320. Solution: boot system. 

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