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Aruba S3500-24P * Safe to use a 350Watt PSU if no PoE usage?

First, I am new to this board, so I hope I posted in correct place.

Long story but I am about to be gifted a used Aruba S3500-24P enterprise-grade Switch; including the 4-port 10GB Module.

It would be for home use, mostly for its 10GB ports.

The Aruba S3500-24P is a PoE Switch; and per the specs, normally comes with a 600watt or 1200watt PSU.

** I will not be using the PoE feature at all.

I can obtain from someone else, a 350watt PSU; but do not know if safe to use.

Question: if PoE is not being used on a Aruba S3500-24P, can a 350watt PSU be used?

Thank you

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