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HPE 1950 switch series - IRF stack with JG y JH together

The question:

Is it possible to include in the same IRF stack an HPE OfficeConnect 1950 12XGT 4SFP+ Switch JH295A and others HPE 1950 models (JG960A, JG961A, JG962A or JG963A)?


  • All switches in the stack have to work with the same OS version.
  • At this time (2018.Jan.11), JG models use v7.10 R3xxx. The JH295A uses R5xxx. The User Guide, page 9, indicates this.

Then, at the moment, an 1950 IRF stack can include only JGs or (.xor.) JHs, but not a mix.





1. User Guide:

2. Release notes (for JG ones):


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