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How to reset or change MAS stack member id

Many people have asked those questions so let me post the information here ..


1.> Release a used stack member-id

(ArubaS2500-48P-US) #clear stacking member-id ?
<id>                    Member id(0-15)


2.> Renumber stack member-id

(ArubaS2500-48P-US) #set stacking renumber <old-id>  <new-id> 


3.> Swap stack member-ids

(ArubaS2500-48P-US) #set stacking swap <id1>  <id2> 


You must keep in mind - those commands will change / clear your stack member IDs but will NOT change your corrsponding configuration. For instance, once you set stacking member id=2 to id=1; all your original interface setting 2/x/x will NOT automatically change to 1/x/x and you need to manually configure them.


To remove all your stacking database and roll back to factory default configuration, you can use the command -


(ArubaS2500-48P-US) #restore factory_default stacking

All configuration and stack settings will be restored to
factory default on this member after reload.
Press 'y' to proceed with reload: [y/n]: y
System will now restart


Your device will be automatically reboot after this restore command....


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Re: How to reset or change MAS stack member id

Just to add, 'restore factory_default stacking' is executed for indivdual nodes of stack not for whole stack.



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Re: How to reset or change MAS stack member id

Be carefule in issueing the 'restore factory_default stacking' command; while it does apply to an individual stack member that individual will be the primary member even if issued from the console of a different switch in the stack.

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