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Issues with VSF and HPE DAC cable ?

Hi all,  I am creating a VSF stack with two 2930F (JL256A)  with code 16.05.0003. I am using an HPE DAC cable and the "allow-unsupported-transceiver” command.


The DAC cable works fine when the ports are not VSF member links, but when I add the ports to the VSF link they did not work.


I replaced the DAC cable with two 10G SFP+ HPE transceivers and fiber cable and the VSF stack worked fine.


Does anyone know if there is a fix to this issue ?


I know that the same issue was happening with code


Thanks and Regards,


Luís Fernando Rodrigues Silveira

MPE Solucoes - SP Brasil


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Re: Issues with VSF and HPE DAC cable ?

AFAIK it's not an issue: VSF Ports can't be created using unsupported SFP/SFP+ Transceivers or DAC Cables, at least actually (and, personally, I agree 100% with this approach/restrictions: VSF implementation is too important - and requires granted stability, Hw and Sw - to use unsupported options...too risky, much more than using the same unsupported - but allowed - options to build an uplink or a port trunking).

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