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MAS Certificate replacement


I have a few MAS switches and I am attempting to replace the default certificate following this guide:


I have generated the csr, signed it with my internal ca. The doecument doesnt state how to load it into the switch, i am just assuming tftp as I cannot access the webui for some reason which I will troubleshoot after I upgrade it soon.


I receive the following error when i try to import the signed csr using the following command:


(edge-sw-01) #crypto pki-import pem ServerCert edgesw01 edgesw01.cer
Error in importing file



It is definitley in the flash file system:


-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1964 Jul 28 01:58 edgesw01.cer


I have tried as a windows txt and a unix txt (crlf vs lf), same issue.


it seems i can change the names to anything and the same error appears:


#crypto pki-import pem ServerCert asd asd
Error in importing file


I have converted the pem to a der and it still doesnt work:

(edge-sw-01) #crypto pki-import der ServerCert edgesw01 edgesw01.cer
Error in cert format


Any ideas?




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Re: MAS Certificate replacement

Updating the code and rebooting seems to have fixed the WebUI which has allowed me to upload a cert via the WebUI.

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