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MAS1500 to MAS1500 VPN

Is it possible to create a VPN between two MAS1500's?




Is it possible to create a VPN between an Instant AP and a MAS1500?



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Re: MAS1500 to MAS1500 VPN

Yes, one can create VPN between two S1500s  (site-to-site)



Since, Mobility Access Switch supports only Site-to-Site VPN configuration,

Where as, IAP support VPN client connecting to a VPN server (concentrator) such as controller or third-party-VPN concentrators. 

Hence, I beleive you can't have VPN between IAP & S1500.


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Re: MAS1500 to MAS1500 VPN



Aruba MAS, S1500 is a L3 Switch hence you can configure Site-Site VPN and redirect the traffic as desired but we can not create VPN from IAP to any device or server other than Aruba Mobility Controller. in future we can expect IAP VPN with CPPM server or Aruba Central :)


Hope you got more clarity on this, please feel free if you need more clarity on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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