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Multi-Site, Multi-VLAN can switches Route?

Hi Everyone,


I have 3 sites.


Site 1  

HP-2530-48G-PoEP-2SFPP (Main/Core Switch)

HP 2915 (Access Switch)


Site 2


HP Switch 5412zl (Main Core Switch)

4 x HP 2530 (Access Switch)


Site 3


HP Switch 5412zl (Main Core Switch )

4 x HP 2530 (Access Switch)


All of the access switches have fibre links to their core switch.


Site 1 is connected to Site 2 via fibre (trunk link)

Site 2 is connected to Site 3 via fibre (trunk link)

Site 2 is using a "router on a stick" to route traffic between VLANs and to the internet


All sites carry 7 VLAN's traffic. There are machines which use static IP addresses and it would be very costly to change their programming, these machines are at all 3 sites and thus the subnets can't be split up so that each site has its own subnet.


I'd love to use the switches for layer 3 routing and also connect site 3 and site 1 (currently the link is disconnected, I've considered STP).


Does anyone know of a way to let the switches do routing or is it not possible?




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Re: Multi-Site, Multi-VLAN can switches Route?

Hi, the 2530 switch is an L2 only switch you shoud change it by a 2930F or 3810 that supports L3 features (PBR, RIP, OSPF, static routing and inter vlan routing).


If you want a ring topology you should configure Spanning Tree but it is hard to maintain and can cause loops.

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Re: Multi-Site, Multi-VLAN can switches Route?

Hi Phildawhale,


You need a router/SW Layter 3 for routing each site to other, use local VLAN it will easy to maintain your network infratucture.

Each site have one VLAN database, and different network ID for routing.

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