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S3500 dhcp-relay

I need to setup dhcp relay on a S3500 switch running Version


I believe I have it set up right and that there is a problem in my dhcp server but just in case I got it wrong or I'm missing something I thought I better put up this post.


First set up the relay profile

(ArubaS3500-24-POE) (config) # interface-profile dhcp-relay-profile 1
(ArubaS3500-24-POE) (dhcp relay profile "1") #helper-address  <-- Your dhcp server ip address


Then apply the profile to the vlan interface

(ArubaS3500-24-POE) (config) #interface vlan 3

(ArubaS3500-24-POE) (vlan "3") #dhcp-relay-profile 1 

(Aruba-24-POE_GREllington3) (vlan "3") #exit


Then of course do a wr mem.


Am I missing anything because it sure isn't working.....


Thanks guys !!!


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Re: S3500 dhcp-relay

Do you also have an IP interface on that VLAN? Otherwise the configuration looks correct.


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Re: S3500 dhcp-relay

Yes I have an IP address assigned to the interface. 


Ok. Thanks. Like I said I think there is a problem with dhcp server. 


Just wanted to confirm the config on the switch. 

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Re: S3500 dhcp-relay

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Suggestion was already answered above.

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Re: S3500 dhcp-relay

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This thread was very handy, however I am new to 3500 (Aruba) and need to change to a new DHCP server... can some one post how to remove the profile? I am unable, says, profile in use, but no vlan interface is assigned to it..


Started with:

interface-profile dhcp-relay-profile DHCP-RELAY-Profile1 <-- Old Profile
helper-address 10.x.x.xx5 <-- Old dhcp server ip address


Created a new profile with new helper IP...

Removed the dhcp profile from vlan interface

assigned new profile to the VLAN interface...


Unable to remove old profile now?


Thanks for your help...

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Re: S3500 dhcp-relay

Is the profile tied to another interface or group?

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Re: S3500 dhcp-relay

Ahhh yes it was... removed ok now. Thanks
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