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VSF config on 5400

Kindly share VSF config between two 5400.



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Re: VSF config on 5400

Kindly read the VSF Guide here.

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Re: VSF config on 5400

I had a pair of 5406R switches with VSF running the network at the recent Atmosphere 16 ANZ even t on the Gold Coast in Australia.


Here are the relevant parts from that config:


   enable domain 1020301
   member 1
      type "J9850A" mac-address 40a8f0-9dee00
      priority 255
      link 1 1/A21
      link 1 name "I-Link1_1"
   member 2
      type "J9850A" mac-address 3ca82a-44ad00
      priority 128
      link 1 2/A21
      link 1 name "I-Link2_1"

   ip address dhcp-bootp
   vsf member 1
      ip address
   vsf member 2
      ip address

no allow-v2-modules


  • VSF link was a single 40Gb DAC (A21) - you should never have just 1, but I wanted to show off the 40Gb ports!
  • MAD was via the OOBM ports. You can directly connect these together with an ethernet cable when there are only 2 members in the stack; I had them connected via a ToR switch (the ProCurve 3800 in the picture)

FYI, you will also find answers to VSF questions and all things related to HPE networking (both ProCurve / E-Series / ProVision / ArubaOS-Switch and 3Com / H3C / A-Series / Comware) on the HPE support community pages -->

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Re: VSF config on 5400

[ Edited ]

That's really interesting!


Especially the VSF with OOBM-MAD part (deployed as a direct port to port link or as an indirect link via another Switch, as you showed): the VSF with OOBM-MAD isn't included as an additional possible MAD configuration example on the actual edition of ArubaOS VSF Configuration Guide (only the VSF with LLDP-MAD case is detailed).


It would be nice to see VSF with OOBM-MAD example covered and explained there too.

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