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Aruba Central Managing Switches

I have a customer that has purchased Aruba Central for their IAP and Switch management.  The client has over 50 switches already configured throughout multiple locations with a lot fo routing and vlans in place already. I am trying to get some of these switches into aruba central and have added them into Central and provisioned the license as well.  After struggling to get the switches to show up in Central I conntacted support.  They informed me that I would have to DEFAULT the switches to get them to pull into Central. I was shocked by this.  Is this accurate?

Re: Aruba Central Managing Switches

This is accurate as of today.


"During Zero Touch Provisioning, the Aruba Switches can join Central only if they are running the factory default configuration, and have a valid IP address and DNS settings from a DHCP server."


However a workflow of onboarding switches on non default config is in works. No ETA yet with me.

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Re: Aruba Central Managing Switches

Is there a procedure yet that allows pre configured switches to be implemented into Central? 

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Re: Aruba Central Managing Switches

Do we still have to default switches to enroll them into Aruba Central or can we adopt pre-configured switches and maintain the config now?

Re: Aruba Central Managing Switches

Hi mannvishal and guys,


My case is the same, I have many switches already configured and I have to integrate them with Aruba Central. If I have to revert them to factory default will be a pain in the neck, but I can do it because the network is not in production yet. But the problem is I don't know how to integrate them to Aruba Central even with factory default config since they are connected like this way:




I have to configure the core switch at least with one IP to reach the Internet (and also with a non-default VLAN better), so it will not be factory default. Also, I have to make some configurations to the access switches to reach the Internet, then again they will not have the factory default configuration. How can I integrate these switches to Aruba Central then?




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