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IAPs License/Subscription to Aruba Central

Hi there,


Just a quick question. I have 4 IAPs, so in order to get them onto Aruba Central do I need 4 licenses and 4 subscriptions? I am getting slightly confused regarding the licenses and subscriptions.
Do IAPs automatically have license to go to Aruba Central and then you will just need subscription license?


Thanks in advance


Re: IAPs License/Subscription to Aruba Central

Device management subscriptions — Subscriptions for the devices. The device management subscription allows you to add and manage devices (APs and Switches), and avail basic services such as device configuration, monitoring dashboard, reports, and application analytics.


Cloud service subscriptions — Subscriptions that enable an advanced cloud service on any capable device. For example, access to application services such as Presence Analytics is based on the cloud service subscription. As of today, the cloud services portfolio includes Presence Analytics, Guest Access, Clarity, and Unified Communication services.


You would need to purchase the relevant subscriptions for the features you wish to use. Once the subscription has been tied to the Central account you can then link the subscription to the device in Central.

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