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COTD: Remove Wireless Credentials from Multi-Use Machines

Wireless on Microsoft Windows machines can be configured for 802.1x where a user inputs his/her credentials to gain access to the network. Microsoft Windows caches these credentials for an easy connection the next time that secure wireless network is connected. This works fine EXCEPT for multi-user machines where numerous users share the same profile. The next time a connection is made to the wireless network, it will use the same credentials that the last user entered, which is not secure.

How to fix:

Microsoft Windows caches the last user credentials (encrypted) in the registry key:

When this key is removed, a user needs to enter his/her credentials from scratch. To make this happen, copy and paste the following into a file and name it RemoveEAP.reg:



Next, run the command regedit /s RemoveEAP.reg and it will remove the user credentials.

If you put this command under c:\documents and settings\all users\program files\startup , it will run everytime a user logs in; clearing it everytime.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Aruba Employee

Re: COTD: Remove Wireless Credentials from Multi-Use Machines

Now if Juniper would only recognize how insecure caching credentials is and fix OAC I'd be set. At least they clear their cache at a reboot.
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