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COTD: no logging level

There are many times, you would turn on logging for specific instances and then do not turn it off.  The result is that he controller does works harder and generates much larger log files when you try to collect a tech-support.  To find out what logging you have turned on, type "show logging level verbose".  Under most circumstances all of your categories should have the level of warning.  After executing "config t no logging level" it should look like below:


(Aruba7005-US) #show logging level verbose 

Facility  Level     Sub Category  Process
--------  -----     ------------  -------
arm       warnings  N/A           N/A
network   warnings  N/A           N/A
security  warnings  N/A           N/A
system    warnings  N/A           N/A
user      warnings  N/A           N/A
wireless  warnings  N/A           N/A



Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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