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COTD: show ap essid

If you ever wanted to know how many users are presently on each SSID on your controller, the "show ap essid" command is for you. When this command is run on a controller, it only reports the number of users on APs that are terminated on that controller. You will have to run this individually for each local controller. In addition, an SSID that is supporting dual bands is considered two APs, one for each band, so the AP number will be doubled for each dual-radio AP:

Aruba-M3 #show ap essid
ESSID Summary
ESSID APs Clients VLAN(s) Encryption
----- --- ------- ------- ----------
Employee 80 60 10,20 Open
Guest 80 12 4000 WPA2 AES

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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