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feedback new layout

i will get used to it, always the same with these changes. but my first reaction is: undo, undo, please undo.


specially the topics take way too much space now, mainly due to the Views, New, Replies and Kudos on a new line. takes 4 lines for 1 topic.


[edit] added screenshot to make sure it is clear what i see.

Re: feedback new layout

another change i dont like, i don't see the ammount of unread topics in a subforum anymore. i don't even see if there are unread topics.




Re: feedback new layout

Wow... you believe you'll get used to it?

I'll be a bit harsh here but I'm thinking I'll hate this for as long as it will remain.


What a terrible waste of space on my screen with info I do not care for. More than half of my screen wasted with useless info, near impossible to scan all the subjects for somethin I care about.. 


Unbelievable this got the OK of people actualy using the forum.

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Re: feedback new layout

Hi everyone,


Thanks for your feedback.  Please keep it coming as I will be passing it along.



Re: feedback new layout

so other users, are you all fine with this? nothing you don't like?

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Re: feedback new layout

I am not a fan of the points you already made. I also hate all the wasted space on my screen. I also am not a fan of the Recent/Top Solutions in each section. It uses a lot of space.  In some sections it even takes more space than the categories. 


I am much more a fan of "Less is More" if I want to see more then it could be an option, but please don't thrust it on me. 


I would much rather see the links left there like "View All Recent Solutions" and "View All Top Discussions", I feel those could be useful, but I would rather I have to click to make them show, I don't want it to automatically be there.



Here is an example. 



Re: feedback new layout

I'm in the "gosh it is prettier, but that's not why I'm here" croud.


My use case:

I read all the new posts to see if I can help

I search old posts to see if anyone else has had my issue so I can learn from them before I post or call TAC.


Any changes which impede those two uses are undesired and any other change is fine with me (but annoying).



  • Can't tell from high-level which forums have topics with new posts - have to enter each forum to check.
  • Pretty icons to filter by prouct families take up nearly all of the top of site real estate so I have to scroll to see anything.


Annoy: (but I'll get used to it if it makes you happy)

  • Topics now take up more room on the page.
  • Harder to tell which topics have new posts (bold isn't much bolder than not-bold)

I'll think of more as I use it...


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Re: feedback new layout

Thank you all for the feedback. We are always adapting and we will make many of the changes you have suggested. 


Thanks again!! 

Sean Rynearson

Re: feedback new layout

that is good to read Sean, looking forward to it.

Re: feedback new layout

Srynearson wrote:

Thank you all for the feedback. We are always adapting and we will make many of the changes you have suggested. 


Thanks again!! 

i haven't seen much of the changes being implemented. still can't see globally which boards have new and how many threads.


also the 4 lines are still there.


what exactly is planned to be changed?

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