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EMEA Airheads Technical Webinars - July- Dec Schedule

Airheads Gadget Princess
Airheads Gadget Princess
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The Airheads Technical Webinars are regularly scheduled live online technical discussions conducted with channel/customer SE’s to help them further their understanding of Aruba technology and solutions. Topics to be discussed will vary based on interest at the time or relevant Aruba technological topics or announcements. 



Instant AP – How AirGroup service works in Aruba Instant AP

Tuesday, July 26th| 10:00 BST | 11:00 CET

With this topic, we would be discussing Bonjour and DLNA services offered in the Aruba Instant AP and what happens in the background across mobility domains when Airgroup services are enabled.

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Instant AP- APP RF and Mixed IAP Cluster deployments

Tuesday, August 9th| 10:00 BST | 11:00 CET

Join this webinar as we will cover a brief insight into how Mixed model IAP deployments are done and what are the effects of APP RF feature within IAP deployments.

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Aruba OS – Understanding Control-Plane-Security feature

Tuesday, September 27th| 10:00 BST | 11:00 CET

Securing control plane traffic in enterprise network is pivotal for network security. This webinar helps understand the configuration as well as technology parameters of how its implemented in Aruba.

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Aruba OS – Aruba controller features used to optimize performance

Tuesday, October 25th| 10:00 BST | 11:00 CET

A collection of several vital configuration tips and tricks which are widely implemented across mid-size to large enterprise WLAN. Primary focus would be in Security as well as Performance characteristics of Aruba WLAN networks.

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 ClearPass - Dot1x: Purpose of domain joining

Tuesday, November 29th| 10:00 GMT | 11:00 CET

Join our webinar and learn more around implementing 802.1x authentication with ClearPass and how to authenticate users of an active directory domain.

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ClearPass - Guest with Mac caching using Time Source

Tuesday, December 13th| 10:00 GMT | 11:00 CET

This webinar will cover authenticating guest users with ClearPass with Time Source authentication source and Mac caching.

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