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Advantages of Deploying Air Monitors.

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Question Why should we deploy Air monitors in our network?
What are the advantages of deploying AM?



Following is the advantage of deploying Air monitors:

1. AM have more robust containment. AP will not change channel to contain off channel rogue if it has a active client associated with it.  AM will hop to the channel containing rogue alternatively.  If there is a rogue on channel 11 the channel scan would look roughly like 11, 6, 11, 2, 11, 1,,11, 3, 11, 6, 11..\

2. Non-802.11n AP will only scan in the regulatory domain. AM will scan all channels.

3. AP will scan a channel for less than 100ms so that a beacon is not missed in its own channel. AP will scan all channels according to the following:

active                       500ms             
regulatory                250ms
all regulatory           200ms
rare                           100ms

4. Scanning will stop for AP depending upon the factors such as Voice, Video, high throughput or power save aware ( if enabled in ARM profile ). AM doesn't need to stop scanning for any of these factors.

5. AP's primary job is to service the clients. This it can take about 4 minutes to scan all channels. AM can take about 45 seconds to scan all channels.

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