Controller Based WLANs

Aruba controller becomes unreachable through the network after adding RAP whitelist.

by on ‎04-02-2015 11:41 PM

Environment Information- This article applies to Aruba Controllers running any version of ArubaOS.

Symptoms- Identifying the problem in such cases would be as the major symptom would be the accessibility controller goes down. All the Remote-APs will keep on trying to form IPSec SA to the controller but the tunnel never gets established.
Below are the screenshots that show datapath route-cahce when its working and not working:



rtaImage (1).jpg

The continuous Ping running to controller IP, gets immediately timed out after adding the controller switch IP as remote IP in the whitelist entry:

rtaImage (2).jpg


Cause- Datapath route-cache getting corrupted would become the cause of the issue:

rtaImage (3).jpg


Resolution- Remove the whitelist entry for the RAP and reload the controller.

Answer- In order to get out of this situation, the added whitelist entry has to be removed and controller needs to be reload.


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