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Benefits and limitations of IP classification feature with Aruba OS 6.5

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Benefits and limitations of IP classification feature with Aruba OS 6.5


IP classification service helps in identifying the malicious IP addresses and the origin. 

This feature once enabled will cause all L3 traffic to be classified. All the sessions shall be classified with reputation (either malicious or clean) and geolocation (as originating from a specific location, which can be either country or more specific city) information. 


  • Identify and prevent any attack from the malicious hosts.
  • Identifying the geolocation of traffic originating from or destined to.
  • Identifying the location from where maximum spyware/malware/DDOS attacks are originated from.
  • Geolocation visibility information about the traffic flows.
  • Ability to formulate firewall policies based on geolocation of IP address to permit/deny traffic.


  • This feature is not support in Bridge Mode
  • For split-tunnel mode, this feature is applicable only for split-tunneled traffic destined to the controller.
  • IP classification database is available from the vendor only for IPv4 addresses 
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