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CPSEC Whitelist Enhancements starting



The idea behind CPSEC Whitelist Enhancement is to make CAP whitelist entry look similar to RAP whilelist entry. Prior 6.4.3, CAP whitelist had only mac address with few other fields. Now with the CPSEC enhancement starting, WLAN user have ability to add ap-name or ap-group to each CAP whitelist entry.

  • Enhance CPSEC whitelist to include ap-group and ap-name.
  • AP retrieved ap-group and ap-name attributes upon initial connection to the controller.

Note: Any changes made to CPSEC whitelist after the CAP comes up will take into effect when ap boots and comes up next time. Modifying CPSEC whitelist entry doesn't trigger CAP reboot.



Add AP-Group/AP-Name:



Modify AP-Group/AP-Name:




Add AP-Group/AP-Name:
(Aruba7240)#whitelist-db cpsec add mac-address 11:11:11:11:11:12 ap-group demo-group ap-name demo-ap

Modify AP-Group/AP-Name:

(Aruba7240)#whitelist-db cpsec modify mac-address 11:11:11:11:11:12 ap-group demo-group1 ap-name demo-ap1    


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