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Can a specific down AP be removed from a specific Controller/LMS?

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Can a specific down AP be removed from a specific Controller/LMS?


The command "show ap database" always maintains the list of APs terminated on the respective Controller(s). When certain APs are removed for some reason or moved to a different Controller, the AP status on the first Controller will be shown as down which is expected as it's no longer there. Before, removing stale AP entires from Local Controller(s) was not an option as it would throw the following error "This command must be run on the active master". After, a new CLI command has been added to remove down AP entries from any Local controllers using it's AP name or Mac-Address. At times, there could be more than one AP with the same AP name, one being up and other being down. In this case, it's ideal to use the down AP's MAC address from "show ap database long" command to clear the down entry.


 Note : This is only supported in CLI.


  #clear gap-db stale-ap ap-name <ap-name> lms lms-ip <ip>.
  #clear gap-db stale-ap wired-mac <wired-mac> lms lms-ip <ip>.


<ap-name> : Name of AP that needs to be removed

lms-ip           : IP address of the Controller where AP entry exist.

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