Controller Based WLANs

Cellular Hand Off Assist Configuration

How can we configure Cellular handoff Assist on VAP basis ?


Cellular Handoff Assist can be configured on Virual AP Profile (VAP) basis beginning 6.5 version.

•When cellular handoff assist is enabled, Client Match will attempt to unstick a sticky client even when there is no better (or other) WiFi radio available on the same band.


We can configure Cellualr hand off Assist from both WEB GUi & CLI.

Web GUI:

Configuration-->AP COnfiguration-->AP Group-->Wireless LAN-->Virtual AP



(Aruba7010) (config) #wlan  virtual-ap default

(Aruba7010) (Virtual AP profile "default") #cellular-handoff-assist

(Aruba7010) (Virtual AP profile "default") #exit

(Aruba7010) (config) #exit





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