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Cloud Service Controller A7005 could not get an IP address from the DHCP server

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A brand new branch office controller A7005 is brought up and connected to the local network via the first and the only one POE port, but it could not get an IP address from the DHCP server in the local network.


1. The packet capture for the first port traffic of this A7005 proves that there is no DHCP discovery packet sent out from the controller.

2. A factory default A7005 controller does not have DHCP client enabled on the first port which is in the default VLAN 1.

3. By default, only the forth port-the last Ethernet port on a A7005 has DHCP client enabled, and it is in the default VLAN 4096.

4. By default, all the other 3 cloud service controller models A7010, A7024, A7030 also only have the last copper port of the controller with DHCP client enabled and the last port is in the default VLAN 4096.


In order to bring up an A7005 with the factory default configuration, the controller has to connect to the local network via the last Ethernet port and get an IP address.

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