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Controller reboot due to license expiry

by ‎05-18-2016 01:44 PM - edited ‎05-18-2016 01:44 PM

When does the controller reboot due to reboot cause "License Expired"


When executing "show switchinfo", we can view the last reboot reason for controller.


System Time:Fri Apr  1 09:52:11 PST 2016
Crash information available.
No kernel crash information available.
Reboot Cause: License expired (Intent:cause:register bc:86:50)


Whenever a feature non-limit license (E:g PEF-VPN) expires, controller will be forced to reboot at midnight to disable the functionality.  The reboot cause will be displayed as "License Expired"

In case of an expired AP, PEF-NG, RF-Protect license expiry, the controller will not reboot.


Show license output will display the expiry time for these licenses.


(MASTER) # show license

License Table
Key                                               Installed    Expires     Flags  Service Type
---                                               ---------    -------     -----  ------------

14QNa6Kq-p9In27LK-0WFjpAUi-dqBOvgi9-7xC7KBtG-Z0E  2016-03-11   2016-04-10   E     Next Generation Policy Enforcement Firewall Module: 10
                                                  13:17:34[2]  13:17:34
OEDpxQSx-UJEBhZG9-/Rb3rnTT-Y0IDcALe-ZPH8OTaX-1NI  2016-03-11   2016-04-10   E     Access Points: 10
                                                  13:17:45[2]  13:17:45
dMWbQ9Mh-slBO1oD9-yYrJnuts-Z6xcMDXL-PZE4RHF5-3bE  2016-03-01   2016-03-31         Policy Enforcement Firewall for VPN users
                                                  09:35:45[1]  09:35:45

License Entries: 7

Flags: A - auto-generated; E - enabled; R - reboot required to activate
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