Deployment circumstances under which RTLS will not work.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

In AOS, under what deployment scenarios RTLS server communication may not work?


When RTLS is configured, CAP/RAP communicates directly with the RTLS server.

RTLS will not work with current AOS with below deployments:
-    RTLS server is not routable from the RAP inner IP (irrespective of CPSEC)


When CPSEC is enabled both CAP/RAP falls under the role "sys-ap-role". This is a system default role which cannot be edited and as a result we cannot add any acl's to it so as to allow the traffic between the AP and the server.

With RAP in place(without CPSEC), it uses inner-ip to talk to RTLS server and if the ip is non-routable, then the communication breaks.


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