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Device type field in the Radius request is empty for some of the clients

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"Device type" field on the Radius request is empty for some of the clients, Does Aruba send Device type information on the radius request ?


Aruba Controller will learn about the device type information either during DHCP transactions from option 55 or during HTTP transactions from the client. since 802.1x is a layer 2 authentication and all the traffics will start flowing only after the successful authentication, the controller do not have the device type information to send with the RADIUS request.

However if the client had connected to the wireless networks and perhaps to an open ssid and are sending HTTP traffics, the controller will then cache the device type information.


In our scenario the client which shows the device type information was connected to the wireless networks and are sending HTTP traffics, the device information will now cached in  aaa device-id cache table.  However for the clients with empty device type, the information is not in the device-id cache table. In our lab test, we create an open SSID, have the client connected to it and start sending HTTP traffics, we could then verified that the device type information is now being cached and will be send in the RADIUS request when the same client is doing the 802.1x authentication.

Use the following command to check if the entry is being cached?

show aaa device-id-cache <mac | rows | | >
(Aruba) #show aaa device-id-cache | include 24:77:03:d0:06:84  ------> (Device type has cached for this client's mac-address)

24:77:03:d0:06:84  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2272.101 Safari/537.36 Tue Mar 24 19:10:54 2015

(Aruba) #show aaa device-id-cache | include d8:96:95:08:e7:5a---------> (Device type has not yet cached for this client's mac-address)
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