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Do we support multiple LDL server in Lync integration?

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Do we support multiple LDL server in Lync integration?


Yes, we do support multiple LDL server such that all these LDL servers will send the XML messages to the SDN manager which intern send the client client details to the controller through XML messages.

Each LDL server will have different FQDN name.

We can add all these LDL server FQDN name in the SDN manager such that it will send the XLM messages which has the client information to the controller to populate the data in the UCC Dashboard.

Below is the command to add multiple LDL server in the SDN manager.

SDNManager.exe p l submituri=

SDNManager.exe p l submituri= - FQDN name of 1st LDL server. - FQDN name of 2nd LDL server. is the SDN manager address.

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