Error logged when we try adding VMC to 7xxx cluster.

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What is the error logged when we try adding VMC to 7xxx cluster ?


As we know, Mix of hardware and x86 Managed Devices in a cluster not supported.

So, if we try adding a x86 based device to a cluster consisting of hardware devices, the following error is logged:

Jan 26 23:09:21 :352302:  <4453> <ERRS> |cluster_mgr|  cmp_peer_allowed, This peer supports only homogeneous cluster. Peer platform VMC_32 is not same as ours A7010 to form cluster

(Nitesh-MD-MN) # show lc-cluster group-membership 

Cluster Enabled, Profile Name = "Nitesh-Cluster"
Redundancy Mode On
Active Client Rebalance Threshold = 50%            
Standby Client Rebalance Threshold = 75%
Unbalance Threshold = 5%
Cluster Info Table
Type IPv4 Address    Priority Connection-Type STATUS
---- --------------- -------- --------------- ------
self      128             N/A CONNECTED (Leader)
peer      128    L2-Connected CONNECTED (Member, last HBT_RSP 98ms ago, RTD = 1.004 ms)

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