Controller Based WLANs

Explain the blacklisting commands.

by on ‎07-03-2014 01:42 PM

This article applies to all Aruba controller platform running AOS 2.x


To make sure Blacklisting will be enforced please make sure the following is enabled:
- stm dos-prevention enable
- stm sta-dos-prevention enable

To state how long the offending wireless devices should be Blacklisted please use the CLI command:
- stm sta-dos-block-time <value in seconds>
(0 means the device will be Blacklisted indefinitely)

To view which wireless devices are Blacklisted then please use the CLI command:
- show stm dos-sta

To remove a wireless device from the Blacklist please use the CLI command:
- stm remove-dos-sta <wireless device's mac address>


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