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How Many Static ARP can be set on Aruba-7xxx Controllers

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How many Static ARPs can be set on Aruba-7xxx series Controllers?


The Aruba-7xxx controllers are 7210, 7205 , 7220, 7240, 7005, 7010, 7024 and 7030.


The can be maximum of 64 static ARP entries on these controllers


Syntax to add a static ARP on the controller

(host) (config)#arp <ip.addr> <mac-address>

Example: (host) (config)#arp 1a:2b:3c:4d:5e:6f


Syntax to delete static ARP on the controller

(host) (config)#no arp <ip.addr>

Example: (host) (config)#no arp


Command to view the ARP entries

(host)#show arp



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