How do I redirect captive portal users to particular webpage after authentication?

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Question:  How do I redirect captive portal users to particular webpage after authentication?


Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.
Usually, captive portal users are redirected to the webpage that they originally requested after authentication. For certain deployments, employers or commercial authorities want guests to be redirected to a specific website instead of the one that was originally requested.
This can be achieved by uploading a very simple HTML code file on the controller as a welcome page.
To create the HTML file:

1) Open a notepad.

2) Type this code, but use the appropriate company or hotel homepage URL:
<meta content="0; URL=">

3) Save the file as HTML. For example: abc.html (where "abc" is the filename and "html" is the file extension)

To upload the html file onto controller as the welcome page:

1) Open the controller GUI.

2) Navigate to the Configuration tab.

3) In the left pane under Management, click Captive Portal.

4) Click the Upload tab.

5) Under Profile, select the captive portal profile for which this is intended.

6) Under "File to be imported", browse and select the file.

7) Under Page Type, select Captive Portal Welcome Page.

8) Click Apply.

9) Click Save Configuration.

10) Try to connect a new captive portal user. After authentication, the client should be redirected to the company webpage instead of the webpage that was originally requested.

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