Controller Based WLANs

How does the controller calculate the client bandwidth utilization?

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Product and Software: This article applies to ArubaOS 3.4.x and later.

The "Client Bandwidth Rate (kb/s)" is calculated using the following formula.

Client Bandwidth Rate (kb/s) = (Tx + Rx Bytes * 8)/10
Sampling period = 10 sec
Update interval = 10 sec

(stu2-local) #show ap association client-mac 00:23:12:03:b1:5d
Flags: W: WMM client, A: Active, K: 802.11K client, B: Band Steerable
PHY Details: HT: High throughput; 20: 20MHz; 40: 40MHz
<n>ss: <n> spatial streams
Association Table
Name bssid mac auth assoc aid l-int essid vlan-id tunnel-id phy assoc. time num assoc Flags
---- ----- --- ---- ----- --- ----- ----- ------- --------- --- ----------- --------- -----
ap105 00:24:6c:80:11:8e 00:23:12:03:b1:5d y y 1 10 ca-ckok 101 0x1090 a 16m:33s 1 WA

00:23:12:03:b1:5d-00:24:6c:80:11:8e Stats
Parameter Value
--------- -----
Channel 157
Channel Frame Retry Rate(%) 0
Channel Frame Low Speed Rate(%) 0
Channel Frame Non Unicast Rate(%) 0
Channel Frame Fragmentation Rate(%) 0
Channel Frame Error Rate(%) 0
Channel Bandwidth Rate(kbps) 697
Channel Noise 116
Client Frame Retry Rate(%) 0
Client Frame Low Speed Rate(%) 0
Client Frame Non Unicast Rate(%) 0
Client Frame Fragmentation Rate(%) 0
Client Frame Receive Error Rate(%) 0
Client Bandwidth Rate(kbps) 697
Client Tx Packets 20834
Client Rx Packets 35463
Client Tx Bytes 3839121
Client Rx Bytes 44055976
Client SNR 62
Client Tx Rate -
Client Rx Rate 6 mbps

Statistics are collected on the access point and sent to the controller using the STM_STAT_UPDATE_v3 message on every lms_update_interval (which defaults to 10 seconds).

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