Controller Based WLANs

How to apply session acls to Cellular interface

Introduction- On recent Aruba OS codes, we have option for uplink redundancy as how we have for RAP. The Uplink can be configured to both Cellular and ethernet port for the VPN solutions. In order to prevent the network, we apply session acls on the uplink port. In case of failover to cellular, we need to have the same security to prevent the controller from outside network.

Answer- Master) (config) #ip access-list session test
(Master) (config-sess-test)#any any any permit
(Master) (config-sess-test)#exit
(Master) (config) #interface cellular
(Master) (config-cell)#ip access-group test ?
session                 Apply session access-list to the interface
(Master) (config-cell)#ip access-group test session
(Master) (config-cell)#exit
(Master) (config) #


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