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How to change the port for Change of Authorization (CoA) that is received on for Aruba Controller?

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This Article helps in providing the steps to  change the UDP port of RADIUS Authorization (CoA) that is received on for Aruba Controller from the server





Step 1: 

Permit the UDP port number under Control Processor(CP) white list

Whitelist ACLs consist of rules that explicitly permit or deny session traffic from being forwarded or not to the controller. This prohibits traffic from being automatically forwarded to the controller if it was not specifically denied in a blacklist.

Step 2:

Map the above specified UDP port to rfc-3576-server



Step 1:


(Aruba-Master) (config) #firewall cp
(Aruba-Master) (config-fw-cp) #ipv4 permit any proto <Protocol#> ports <Start Port#> <End Port#>


(Aruba-Master) #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

(Aruba-Master) (config) #firewall cp
(Aruba-Master) (config-fw-cp) #ipv4 permit any proto 17 ports 1700 1700


Step 2:

Syntax: (Aruba-Master) (config) #ip radius rfc-3576-server udp-port <port number permitted under firewall CP>


(Aruba-Master) #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

(Aruba-Master) (config) #ip radius rfc-3576-server udp-port 1700


To Verify the ports allowed under Firewall CP

(Aruba-Master)#show firewall-cp

CP firewall policies
IP Version  Source IP  Source Mask  Protocol  Start Port  End Port  Action          hits  contract
----------  ---------  -----------  --------  ----------  --------  --------------  ----  --------
ipv4        any                                                     17        1900        1900      Permit          0
ipv4        any                                                     17        5999        5999      Permit          0
ipv4        any                                                     17        1700        1700      Permit          0

To Verify the rfc-3576-server port mapping:

(Aruba-Master7240) #show running-config | begin rfc-3576-server
Building Configuration...
ip radius rfc-3576-server udp-port 1700


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