How to check from which node a configuration got inherited to a device in AOS 8?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

How to check from which node a configuration got inherited to a device in AOS 8? 


In AOS 8, a device node (controller), can get its configuration inherited from different levels of the node hierarchy. The configuration inherited from all different nodes of the node hierarchy, comprises the running configuration or the effective configuration of the device. 


A device may have multiple higher level nodes. The running configuration may not show from which node a specific configuration got inherited. For example, in the below output, the device "00:0b:86:be:79:b8" can get its configuration from different upper lever nodes like "/", "/md", "/md/INFINITY-Branch", or "/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8" 


(Rajaguru-INFINITY-MM) [mynode] #show configuration node-hierarchy 

Default-node is not configured. Autopark is disabled.

Configuration node hierarchy
Config Node                             Type    Name
-----------                             ----    ----
/                                       System  
/md                                     System  
/md/INFINITY-Branch                     Group   
/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8   Device  Rajaguru-INFINITY-Branch
/md/INFINITY-VIG                        Group   
/md/INFINITY-VIG/00:0b:86:b8:aa:90      Device  Rajaguru-INFINITY-VIG-2
/md/INFINITY-VIG/00:0b:86:be:f3:88      Device  Rajaguru-INFINITY-VIG-1
/md/INFINITY-VPN-Con                    Group   
/md/INFINITY-VPN-Con/00:0b:86:b5:0b:c7  Device  Rajaguru-INFINITY-VPN-Con
/mm                                     System  
/mm/mynode                              System  
(Rajaguru-INFINITY-MM) [mynode] #

To check which configurations got inherited from which nodes, we can use the command "#show configuration effective detail <node-path>". 
This command output shows the parent node for each configuration line on the right side. 


(Rajaguru-INFINITY-MM) [mynode] #
(Rajaguru-INFINITY-MM) [mynode] #show configuration effective detail /md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8
masterip vpn-ip ipsec-factory-cert vpn-mac-1 00:0b:86:b5:0b:c7 interface vlan 1 # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
crypto-local pki PublicCert master-ssh-pub-cert master-ssh-pub-cert              # inherited from [/]
aaa tacacs-accounting                                                            # inherited from [/]
controller-ip vlan 1                                                             # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
vlan 1                                                                           # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
interface gigabitethernet 0/0/0                                                  # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    description GE0/0/0                                                          # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    trusted                                                                      # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    trusted vlan 1-4094                                                          # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
uplink health-check                                                              # inherited from [/md]
firewall                                                                         # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    prohibit-ip-spoofing                                                         # inherited from [/md]
    session-tunnel-fib                                                           # inherited from [/md]
    amsdu                                                                        # inherited from [/md]
    optimize-dad-frames                                                          # inherited from [/md]
    session-idle-timeout 16                                                      # inherited from [/md]
    stall-crash                                                                  # inherited from [/md]
    attack-rate grat-arp 50 drop                                                 # inherited from [/md]
    cp-bandwidth-contract trusted-ucast 65535                                    # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    cp-bandwidth-contract trusted-mcast 3906                                     # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    cp-bandwidth-contract untrusted-ucast 9765                                   # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    cp-bandwidth-contract untrusted-mcast 3906                                   # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    cp-bandwidth-contract route 976                                              # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    cp-bandwidth-contract sessmirr 976                                           # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    cp-bandwidth-contract vrrp 512                                               # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    cp-bandwidth-contract auth 976                                               # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    cp-bandwidth-contract arp-traffic 3906                                       # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
    cp-bandwidth-contract l2-other 1953                                          # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
aaa profile ABC123                                                               # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
aaa profile default                                                              # inherited from [/]
control-plane-security                                                           # inherited from [/md]
    auto-cert-prov                                                               # inherited from [/md]
lc-cluster group-profile test                                                    # inherited from [/md/INFINITY-Branch]
openflow-profile                                                                 # inherited from [/md]
    controller-ip masterip 6633                                                  # inherited from [/md]
    openflow-enable                                                              # inherited from [/md]
    bind-vlan 1-4094                                                             # inherited from [/md]
openflow-controller                                                              # inherited from [/]
ap-group Test123                                                                 # inherited from [/md/INFINITY-Branch]
ap-group Test456                                                                 # inherited from [/md/INFINITY-Branch]
ap-group default                                                                 # inherited from [/]
hostname Rajaguru-INFINITY-Branch                                                # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
clock timezone PST -8 0                                                          # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
ip probe default                                                                 # inherited from [/]
ip probe health-check                                                            # inherited from [/]
country IN                                                                       # local [/md/INFINITY-Branch/00:0b:86:be:79:b8]
(Rajaguru-INFINITY-MM) [mynode] # 



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