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How to configure an Aruba controller for communication with RADIUS/TACACS server over IPv6?

by on ‎07-04-2014 04:44 PM

This article explains how to configure IPv6 for Radius communication on the Aruba Controller.


Prior to AOS version, we could only configure the Aruba Controller to talk to the Radius/TACACS server using only IPv4 IP addresses. However, with AOS version, Aruba now supports communication between the controller and the Radius server using IPv6 IP address as well.


Environment : This article applies to all Aruba Controllers running OS version or above.


Through WebUI

  1. Navigate to Configuration>Authentication> Servers> Radius Server.
  2. Choose the correct Radius server configuration and tick the “Enable IPv6” option under Radius Server configuration.



c. Navigate to Configuration> Authentication> Advanced.
     d. Configuration Global NAS and source interface address


rtaImage (1).png



Through CLI


rtaImage (2).png


rtaImage (3).png


Following logging levels can be enabled on the controller check Radius related logs:

(Aruba3200) #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z
(Aruba3200) (config) #logging level debugging security process authmgr
(Aruba3200) (config) #logging level debugging security subcat aaa


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