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How to create a SSID with Hotspot 2.0 enabled?

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Introduction : Hotspot2.0 is a new approach to Wi-Fi offload by Wifi-alliance based on 802.11u.


Feature Notes : This helps in advertising features in a cellular like style to wlan clients who can choose the AP/ service provider based on the features they are looking for and are subscribed to.


Environment : Hotspot environment with clients capable of HotSpot2.0 and can authenticate with backend service provider.


Network Topology : Internet  -------- controller ------- Service provider Network
                                             ------- AP ----- Clients (HS2 capable)


Configuration Steps : Create an SSID profile:

wlan ssid-profile "SFo-Hotspot"
   essid "SFO-Hotspot"
   opmode wpa2-aes
   wpa-passphrase 2ecf83f1f215d7ac56522c24c4d09e2a43beb22ad52aff6a

Create a corresponding aaa profile with dot1x profile

aaa profile "HS2-AAA"
   authentication-dot1x "hs2-dot1x"
   dot1x-server-group "internal"

Create an Hotspot Advertisement profile & Hotspot hs2-profile

wlan hotspot advertisement-profile "default"

wlan hotspot hs2-profile "SFO-Hotspot"
   advertisement-profile "default"
   access-network-type public-free
   hotspot-roam-cons-1 oi "001122" len 3
Bind the AAA, HS2 and SSID profile in a VAP profile

wlan virtual-ap "SFO-vap"
   aaa-profile "HS2-AAA"
   hs2-profile "SFO-Hotspot"
   ssid-profile "SFo-Hotspot"


Answer : Once the above configuration is done, bind the VAP to the Ap-group.

Now the AP should start broadcasting SSID with Hotspot capability.

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) #show ap bss-table

fm (forward mode): T-Tunnel, S-Split, D-Decrypt Tunnel, B-Bridge (s-standard, p-persistent, b-backup, a-always)

Aruba AP BSS Table
bss                ess            port  ip             phy    type  ch/EIRP/max-EIRP  cur-cl  ap name      in-t(s)  tot-t           mtu   acl-state  acl  fm
---                ---            ----  --             ---    ----  ----------------  ------  -------      -------  -----           ---   ---------  ---  --
9c:1c:12:8a:2e:00  abi-11ac-test  N/A  g-HT   ap    11/21/21          0       Ardmore-abi  0        12d:3h:13m:24s  1500  -          89   T
9c:1c:12:8a:2e:10  abi-11ac-test  N/A  a-VHT  ap    36E/21/21         0       Ardmore-abi  0        12d:3h:13m:24s  1500  -          89   T
9c:1c:12:8a:2e:11  SFO-Hotspot    N/A  a-VHT  ap    36E/21/21         0       Ardmore-abi  0        12d:3h:13m:24s  1500  -          2    T  <<<<<<<<<<<<
9c:1c:12:8a:2e:01  SFO-Hotspot    N/A  g-HT   ap    11/21/21          0       Ardmore-abi  0        12d:3h:13m:24s  1500  -          2    T    <<<<<<<<<<<

Channel followed by "*" indicates channel selected due to unsupported configured channel.
"Spectrum" followed by "^" indicates Local Spectrum Override in effect.

Num APs:4
Num Associations:0

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) #


VerificationThe AP will be sending out Hotspot capability information through IEs in the Beacon.


IEs like "Internetworking", "Advertisement Protocol", "Roaming Consortium" can be seen.



Troubleshooting: Below logging can be enabled for Hotspot.

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config) #logging level debugging user
(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config) #logging level debugging user process stm
(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config) #logging level debugging user process stm subcat voice

Jun 19 12:05:25  stm[1530]: <501065> <DBUG> |stm|  |Hotspot| wmm_handle_action: Request time on sw-stm(12:05:25.873421)
Jun 19 12:05:25  stm[1530]: <503188> <DBUG> |stm| |voice| |GAS_Hotspot2|:gas_handle_action: GAS initial request received from client(88:53:2e:03:ad:dc) query_len(4)
Jun 19 12:05:25  stm[1530]: <503188> <DBUG> |stm| |voice| |GAS_Hotspot2|:gas_handle_action: ANQP NAI Realm request received from client(88:53:2e:03:ad:dc)
Jun 19 12:05:25  stm[1530]: <503188> <DBUG> |stm| |voice| |GAS_Hotspot2|:gas_handle_action: Adding NAI Element element into response. client (88:53:2e:03:ad:dc) bss(00:24:6c:80:c9:29)
Jun 19 12:05:25  stm[1530]: <503188> <DBUG> |stm| |voice| |GAS_Hotspot2|:gas_handle_action: length of element:22
Jun 19 12:05:25  stm[1530]: <503188> <DBUG> |stm| |voice| |GAS_Hotspot2|:gas_handle_action: Query Response Len 22

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