How to do band steering for a client on the controller manually?

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This Command is applicable only from AOS: 6.3.x onwards.

This command will work only in enable mode on the controller.



We have introduced a client specific command from AOS: 6.3.x so that we could do band steering for a specific client instead of applying it to a profile that affects all the clients falling under the profile.






(Aruba) #arm move-sta <client-mac> <bss-id of 5Ghz> reason bandsteer


To find the BSSID please use the following command

(Aruba) #show ap bss-table ap-name <name of the ap to which the client is connected>



(Aruba) #arm move-sta 00:18:9d:87:hf:bf 00:0b:86:95:98:19 reason bandsteer


To view the client band we could use the following command

(Aruba) #show ap association client-mac <cliient-mac>



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how can i do from GUI? 

this only can done from command line ? if it can be done so where i can do ?




Unfortunately,  this is not possible from GUI.  



Rajaguru Vincent 



i have tried band steering however it just dont happen 

can you plz give me exact "syntax"




i have 72005 controller 

with 150 AP


(ARUBA-MASTER) #show version
Aruba Operating System Software.
ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba7205), Version
Copyright (c) 2002-2015, Aruba Networks, Inc.
Compiled on 2015-04-21 at 17:17:53 PDT (build 49733) by p4build

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version CPBoot (build 48228)
Built: 2015-01-22 04:53:25
Built by: p4build@re_client_48228

Switch uptime is 6 days 22 hours 23 minutes 33 seconds
Reboot Cause: User reboot (Intent:cause:register 78:86:0:2c)
Supervisor Card
Processor (XLP316 Rev B2 (Secure Boot) , 1200 MHz) with 7882M bytes of memory.
32K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
3872M bytes of Supervisor Card system flash.

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