How to enable/disable the transfer of AP crash file to flash?

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How to enable/disable to AP crash file transfer to flash?

We can enable/disable the crash file to transfer to controller flash that is being generated by the AP when it crashes by executing below command.


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What os versions?


We have this running in Production on, but this command does not work in my Lab running



I tried it in my lab controller running AOS: and it works.

(CHNLAB-Master-163) #show version
Aruba Operating System Software.
ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba7210), Version

(CHNLAB-Master-163) (config) #no ap-crash-transfer

(CHNLAB-Master-163) (config) #show ap-crash-transfer

AP Crash Transfer:disabled
AP Crash folder limit:50 MB (non-editable)

(CHNLAB-Master-163) (config) #ap-crash-transfer

(CHNLAB-Master-163) (config) #show ap-crash-transfer

AP Crash Transfer:enabled
AP Crash folder limit:50 MB (non-editable)

What is the model of your lab controller ?



Muruganandam Mohan

Apparently, this feature is not on the 3600 controller.

Yes, it is unsupported on 3600 due to insufficent mem.



Muruganandam Mohan

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