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How to find the node which has some unsaved config?

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How to find the node which has some unsaved config?



When a configuration change is made with respect to a specific node in a service controller architecture - if
we exit without saving the config, the Mobility Master would come up with a "^" symbol which indicates
that there is a specific node which has some unsaved config.

(Mobility-Master) ^[mynode] #


Thus to find the node which has the unsaved config in a bigger cluster, we can use the command 

"show configuration unsaved-nodes"

(Mobility-Master) ^[mynode] #show configuration  unsaved-nodes 

List of unsaved configuration nodes
(Mobility-Master) ^[mynode] #

The  above output shows that "md" has some unsaved config.

Thus, we can get into /md to do a "write memory"
(Mobility-Master) ^[mynode] #
(Mobility-Master) ^[mynode] #change-config-node /md
(Mobility-Master) ^[md] #write memory 

Post which the ^ symbol would go away indicating that the configuration has been saved across all nodes.

(Mobility-Master) [md] #
(Mobility-Master) [md] #
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