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How to identify SC version?

by on ‎07-03-2014 01:14 PM

Question: How to identify SC version?


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5000 and 6000 controller. All Code
The "show inventory" command should provide the SC version.

#show inventory
Supervisor Card slot : 0
Supervisor FPGA : SCCI Rev 0x6
SC Assembly# : 2010004D (Rev:05.00)
SC Serial# : F00459471 (Date:07/28/07)
Crypto Card Assembly# : 2010005C (Rev:01.00) (SC-I) <---------- ANSWER
Crypto Card Serial# : F00457176
Mgmt Port HW MAC Addr : 00:0B:86:FF:13:5B
HW MAC Addr : 00:0B:86:05:67:80 to 00:0B:86:05:67:FF
PEER Supervisor Card : Absent
Line Card 1 : Absent
Line Card 2 : Present
Line Card 2 FPGA : LCCI Rev 0x6
Line Card 2 Switch Chip : SwitchCore CXE-1000 Rev 0xA
Line Card 2 Mez Card : Present
Line Card 2 SPOE : Absent
Line Card 2 Sup Card 0 : Present (Active)
Line Card 2 Sup Card 1 : Absent
Line Card 2 Assembly# : 2010018C (Rev:01.00) (24FE+2GE)
Line Card 2 Serial# : F00312798 (Date:01/25/07)
Line Card 2 MEZZ Assembly# : 2010002A (Rev:01.00)
Line Card 2 MEZZ Serial# : F00317184
Line Card 3 : Absent




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