How to quickly show the configuration node hierarchy?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

How to quickly see all the nodes in the node hierarchy while we switch between the nodes in AOS 8.x based controller from the CLI without using the "show configuration node-hierarchy" command each time?

We can type CD and hit “Tab” key twice to quickly show the node hierarchy:
(MM) ^[mynode] #cd
mark-MD              /md/Bangalore/00:0b:86:b5:cd:a7
Pre-MD              /md/Chennai/00:0b:86:b5:f3:77
<node-path>             Path of config node
Above output is same as what we get when we run the "show configuration node-hierarchy command"
(MM) ^[mynode] #show configuration node-hierarchy
Default-node is not configured. Autopark is disabled.
Configuration node hierarchy
Config Node                      Type    Name
-----------                      ----    ----
/                                System
/md                              System
/md/Bangalore                    Group
/md/Bangalore/00:0b:86:b5:cd:a7  Device  mark-MD
/md/Chennai                      Group
/md/Chennai/00:0b:86:b5:f3:77    Device  Pre-MD
/md/test                         Group
/mm                              System
/mm/mynode                       System
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