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How to verify the 802.11ac datarates supported by AP 224/ 225? Why only these rates?

by on ‎07-04-2014 05:16 PM

Environment : All 802.11ac deployments with AP 224 / 225.


802.11ac is supported from AOS 6.3 with AP 224/ 225.
AP 224/ 225 support 3 spatial streams.


Network Topology : Mobility Controller (AOS 6.3) ------ AP 225s )) (( Clients (802.11ac capable) + Non 802.11ac clients.


The datarates supported by AP 224/ 225 can be configured through the MCS map in the ht-ssid-profile config.





MCS support map can be configured to a lower value like 8,8,8 if higher MCS are not desired.


The maximum Phy datarate supported by a 3 spatial stream AP is 1300. So AP 224/225 will support rates defined by 802.11ac up to 1300 Mbps with 3 Spatial streams (screen shot below).

 The MCS map can be configured from a value of 7,7,7 to 9,9,9 in "VHT-supported MCS Map" in HT-SSID-profile. Based on this MCS map AP will advertise its capable datarates.

So the access point supported rates can be verified through the following command.



rtaImage (1).png



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