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Unable to see the Bridge mode clients under certain controller WEBUI path

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Unable to see the Bridge mode clients under WebUI, when we navigate to Monitoring > CONTROLLER > Clients > IPv4, however we can see the Bridge mode clients from Monitoring > CONTROLLER > Clients > All.




WebUI executes the CLI command “show user-table rows 1 100” on clicking All tab and when we click on IPv4 tab WebUI executes the  CLI command “show ipv4 user-table rows 1 100”.

CLI command “show ipv4 user-table rows 1 100” is not giving/including output for forward mode bridge.

"show ipv4 user-table" does not display the bridge mode users as we do not create the ip_user_t entries for bridge mode clients as the controller does not get any ip packet. 
"show user-table" displays all the entries from user_t (based on mac and ip). This will be the same behavior when you execute show ipv4 user-table vs show user-table on the controller.


This is an expected behavior.

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