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We are not able to access the MMS Web interface after upgrade?

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Question:  We are not able to access the MMS Web interface after upgrade?


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MMS and all codes
The issue is customer is able to upgrade the version 2.5 but he is unable to access the Web Interface eventhough he is able to ping and telnet to the Box.
Basically, this problem is caused because the upgrade was interrupted before solid db is converted from 2.1 schema to 2.5 by stopping the mmgr process. During the converting phase, the log message "nanny died….." will be displayed which is normal. The conversion process normally takes 20min to 30 min based on the size of the solid.db.
In order to recover from the current failed state, the customer has to have the backup of his solid.db:
1. load the MMS with the recover CD
2. upgrade to code
3. copy back the database
4. upgrade to
5. Do not take any action until you see both "nanny" & "solid" is running with command "/etc/init.d/mmgr status", it may take 20min or more


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