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What does the symbol (^) indicate in the CLI prompt?

What does the symbol (^) indicate in the CLI prompt?


(Aruba) ^[mynode] #

Normally it is:

(Aruba) [mynode] #


(^) symbol indicates pending configuration change(s) which is yet to be saved on the controller:

(Aruba) [mynode] (config) #

(Aruba) [mynode] (config) #ap-group Test1
(Aruba) ^[mynode] (AP group "Test1") #
(Aruba) ^[mynode] (AP group "Test1") #




Saving the change(s) will remove the (^) symbol.

(Aruba) ^[mynode] (AP group "Test1") #write memory

Saving Configuration...

Partial configuration for /mm/mynode
Contents of : /flash/config/partial/1/p=sc=mynode.cfg

ap-group "Test1"

Configuration Saved.

(Aruba) [mynode] (AP group "Test1") #


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