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What happens if an evaluation license that is installed on a controller expires?

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.

The main objective of evaluation licenses is to enable a specific feature or feature sets for functional demonstrations or evaluation. As such these evaluation licenses are time bound. These licenses are typically valid for 30 days, which should be sufficient time to evaluate a product and its features.

If you have evaluation licenses installed on your production controllers, and:

  • If you intend to continue to use the product or feature in production, then please order permanent license(s) through your Aruba account team or through your Aruba Networks Reseller/Distributor.
  • If you have evaluated the feature and have no plans to deploy it in a production network, please delete the evaluation license from the controller.

After 30 days, if the evaluation license is not removed from the controller or a corresponding permanent license is not installed, the controller will reboot at mid-night. A controller reboot can have an impact on the services rendered through this controller. After the controller reboots, the feature or feature set will be unavailable and the corresponding configuration will be removed from the controller.

Note: Expired evaluation licenses are maintained in the controller's license database and are always displayed in the 'show license' command output on the CLI.

The only way to remove these expired licenses from the controller permanently is to perform a "write erase all". The controller has to be reconfigured from scratch or restored from a last known good backup.

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